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Manufacturing companies are walking a tightrope in the Corona crisis. On the one hand, employees need to be protected; on the other, production must continue. The necessary safety equipment is not always easy to procure, especially at present.

FATH Medical is committed to making medical products accessible to pharmacies, doctors and companies. The idea came at the beginning of the Corona crisis, when respirators and mouth-nose masks were in short supply in many places. At that time, FATH provided masks to its suppliers and business partners in China for their employees. Later, when the corona virus spread to Europe, the Chinese companies reciprocated in the same way.

FATH suddenly had vast quantities of face masks at its disposal. The founder brothers quickly realized that companies and pharmacies in particular were having great problems obtaining the masks that were in such high demand.

In addition to masks, protective suits and gloves were also available within a very short time. Since Covid 19 antigen rapid tests were included in the national testing strategy in October, FATH Medical has been supplying pharmacies, retirement homes and companies with these tests.


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FATH MEDICAL is part of the FATH Group. Its headquarter is located in Spalt, Germany. The origin of the FATH Group lies in the FATH GmbH. This was founded by the brothers Wido and Mirko Jan Fath in 1989. In 31 years of company history, the small business has grown into an internationally active group of companies. The logistics infrastructure of FATH GmbH has grown into a close-meshed and sophisticated worldwide system.

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